Dear You

I know you will never read this. But I wanted to say thank you.
Thank you for the pain.

I know you aren’t the cause of the pain
But thanks to you, I found my hidden wounds
The ones that lashed out, reacting to life.

You were my muse.
My very first muse.
You introduced me to parts of myself that needed love
My love

Somehow facing that pain
Unblocked that thing inside me that I thought had died

Your kiss may have lit the fire
But I always carried the spark

I knew the second I saw you
That you would play an important part in my story
Even if only for a little while

You helped me take down my walls
To let go of my expectations
To be present in my present moment

You taught me
any moment outside of that
is where I will find the pain

I just wanted to say
I am glad I met you
No matter how it ended up
No matter how bad it felt to say goodbye

I didn’t fall for you
I fell for that which was me
That I saw in you

I recognized myself

we come to each other in this life
in many forms of ourselves

You were mine

You reminded me of my dreams
You showed me my strength
You showed me my weakness

I will never forget you
You will always be in everything I pen
In everything I paint
In every snapshot I take

Watch for me on the horizon


The Three Sisters, Albuquerque, NM ©StonedAngel2017

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