Hello, welcome to my webpage. I have many interest and I have combined them here. You will find my art, from stoned artwork, paintings, sketches, to my photography, my handmade jewelry and my ramblings written here, under the blogging section.

So here we are. 2020. A world that I no longer recognize has been birthed. We have natural disasters such as fires and hurricanes. We have civil unrest as POC are shot down in the streets and we have a worldwide pandemic.

The entire world has come to a stop. For the first time in my history, we are all experiencing the same thing. And as all learn to live life in a new way, we struggle to hold onto the life we can recognize.

I have been working toward my first degree at 49 years old. Despite the pandemic, I am continuing to work toward my degree. I have also been learning to play guitar and have taken an interest in songwriting and producing. And of course, creating. I must create. It’s in my soul.

I am going to use this page a place to show my creations, be it with words, paints or fire. Please come back and check it out often. If you see anything you would like to purchase, drop me a line and let me know. I haven’t figured out how to manage all that here in this space but I will be working on that, in the time being take a look around and see what you like. Thanks for being here. Let me know how you are spending your pandemic.